Animal Health
Our products can be purchased from your local co-op, vet or agricultural retail store
Vitamins & minerals
In-feed, in-water and injectable as well as products against heat stress.
Sulpha’s, eye powder, wound spray, wound oil, iodine spray, stockholm tar as well as products that can be used on livestock as preventative measures.
Systemic products against ticks and worms as well as topical products like tick grease.
Products around birth and lactation
After-birth pessaries, calf teats, weaners, probiotics, anti-diarrheals calf feeding buckets, teat cups and speen cream.
General livestock well-being
Anti-bloat, castrators, castrating rings, debudders, dehorners, hoof knives and tooth cutters.
Disposable items
Syringes, needles, milk filters, gloves.